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March Mixed Media Madness

March 11th, 2016

March Mixed Media Madness

March MIXED MEDIA Madness!
$125.00 for 3 hr class. All supplies included!

Mixed media art broaches the contemporary to create multifaceted, multi-textural and multi-dimensional works of art. Canvas, photography, textiles, metals and whatever other visual medium the artist can imagine or find might and can be used to complete an art piece.
Mixed media refers to a work on canvas or another substrate that combines paint, ink, and collage could properly be called a "mixed media" work.

Local to North Delta / Surrey area of British Columbia.
Classes every day from now till the end of the month is how Im doing it no specific dates on my end, I going by when the you want to do this.
Location for this class is dependent on the number of students; 1 to 4 people in my studio, 5 to 10 people at DeSerres on King George, Surrey. Call for details. 

Check out for some examples.
Call 604-727-8062 or message...

Rain Longson, Self Interview 2010

June 25th, 2014

Rain Longson, Self Interview 2010

Rain Longson, Self-Interview 2010

1.) When is the first time you realized you were an artist?
Unofficially that was when I could hold a crayon and make a mark. Officially when I sold my first piece of art. A stranger saw a pen and ink drawing that I had drawn and he asked me if Id be willing to sell it to him. He asked me if 200.00 would be enough, I was thinking 50.00 I was thrilled that he offered 200.00. Two hundred dollars was a lot back when I was in high school!

2.) When someone is viewing your work for the first time, what do you hope theyll see in it? Or, what do you want them to say about your work?
What I hope Ive been able to do with my paintings is convey the texture of the subject matter, the softness, the roughness, the wetness. With my pet portraits I want the viewer to see the character in the animals faces the way I do and the pets owners do. How each animal has his or her own character.

3.) Who are some artists that you admire...